Hat+Hoodie is a Berlin based sound system established in 2008 by producer, visual artist and Zef Jam co-founder Xano. Deeply influenced by the hip hop and dancehall movement of the late 1990s, the sound focuses on bass heavy club music from around the globe. In their sets they flawlessly mix up Brazilian favela trap and rasterinha with kuduro from Angola, Portuguese tarraxinha, Chicago footwork, Jersey club and Bavarian booty bass. Hat+Hoodie has released numerous remixes and bootlegs, two EPs and several compilation contributions long side countless DJ mixes for radio, blogs and labels. Loosely collaborating with befriended DJs and artists, Xano has played shows under the Hat+Hoodie flag in clubs and festivals all across Europe. Since 2013 he also hosts Man Recordings podcast Man FM.

Hat+Hoodie is available for bookings through Zef Jam.

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