MC Diamanta

A Born for the stage true Caribbean wild woman, with only one goal, to ENSURE everyone has a tremendous time!

Diamanta Von Liesdeck, born on Aruba is a creative energetic and artistic free spirit. She’s inspired and thrives in all different types of music from all over the world. Her gum-cracking spitfire flow, enchanting power voice and passion for passion explodes into a live show little can forget. Her passions also excel in acting, languages and various accents.

Diamanta moved to the Netherlands (2010) to further follow her ambitions, joining Dutch cabaret Hip Hop group “DoeMaarGewoon”. Together they performed 88 shows in 1 year in and outside the Netherlands spreading her word of mouth hit single “doe me een lol”.

In 2012 Roel Calister and his Kuenta i Tambu (KiT) came into Diamanta’s, life. Together they create a brand new sound: Tambutronic (or Global Bass) They cleverly found a way to set off some serious movements on the dance floor! While still touring with KiT (2013) Mc Diamanta kept her solo recognition alive, showing off her talent in the 5th episode of the well established TV-program “Join the beat” she participated on the track produced by top line dutch producers Tjeerd Oosterhuis and Clifford Goilo making the track “Boom Boom Boom” in collaboration with various artist reaching #33 in the Itunes top 100. And so on and so on ;)