Ghetto Vanessa - Dachi Puchi EP

Zef Jam begins! We are super excited to share our first release with you, the Dachi Puchi EP by Ghetto Vanessa feat. Diamanta.

Seventeen year old producer and percussionist Ghetto Vanessa has been turning heads with a series of remixes and bootlegs ever since his band Banda Westfalica introduced him to a wider public. For his awaited solo debut he blends dancehall, hip hop and booty bass to a fresh and highly energetic club sound aiming straight at the dance floor.

Title track "Dachi Puchi" features Diamanta of Dutch-Caribbean band KiT, who sings the post-dancehall anthem in Papiamento. The rare language from the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and CuraƧao mixes up African tongues with Portuguese, English, Dutch and several other influences. "Dachi Puchi" means "bow tie" in Papiamento and is figurative speech for the strangling grip of the daily struggle. So lose your tie, catch a breath and give yourself up to Dachi Puchi!

"Bounce it to the Limit" comes with squeeky vocals, super low 808 kicks and bouncy trap beats in turns with Bmore patterns. Loud, proud and shure to make the floor go bananas.

Finally, "Run Tings" hooks up a dready rasta vocal with laid back beats, until a devastating Dutch hardcore beat kicks in and blasts the pain away.

Ghetto Vanessa's Dachi Puchi EP is out March 12 on Zef Jam and available as digital download through Bandcamp.

Cover image by: Kaysha